Sunday, April 28, 2013

Level Promotion in Criminal Case

      In Criminal Case lately many people were wondering what is the next level promotion that they will get and at what level.The first promotion that you will get at this moment in Criminal Case when you start playing for the first time it will be at level 5,you will get the "Deputy" rank.
      After some research that I made,I found the full list of Criminal Case Promotion Ranks/Levels.Here they are:
                            Level 05 - Promoted to Deputy
                            Level 12 - Promoted to Detective                           
                            Level 20 - Promoted to Corporal
                            Level 32 - Promoted to Sergeant
                            Level 45 - Promoted to Lieutenant
                            Level 60 - Promoted to Captain
                            Level 75 - Promoted to Major
                            Level 100 - Promoted to Inspector
                            Level 125 - Promoted to Lead Inspector
                            Level 150 - Promoted to Commander
                            Level 175 - Promoted to Deputy Chief
                            Level 200 - Promoted to Commissioner
                            Level 250 - Promoted to Sheriff
                            Level 300 - Promoted to Ranger
     At the moment Criminal Cases Ranks don't offer any bonuses,it would have been cool if they offered.Example the higher rank you have the faster the energy bar will refill,to be more preciously the time you need to wait for 1 energy will be lowered by 5 seconds or more by each rank.Some other bonuses might be,increasing the number of Orange Juices,Chips you can get daily from you friends,discount on your character customization.Many cool bonuses that can be implented in the game can be found,but maybe in the future Criminal Case developers will think about this,it might be a opportunity for them to make the game more attractive. 


  1. Totally agree that they need to make it more attractive to play as you advance up the rankings. I find it hard to get friends interested as the incentive are better on other games.

  2. Incentives may be higher on other games, but one of the reasons I play CC is the fact that it treats new players the same way it treats long time players. There's less of an incentive to try to 'cheat' to progress in the game. I quit games that reward cheaters OR than make you beg other players for things. This is a great game just as it is.

  3. and hey.... Murder is the only crime? add some robbery or some hijacks, that would be interesting too... Picking up dead has been happening forever... i personally believe we need some twist in the game as for the crimes are concerned!... Up to the developers!

  4. Incentives,,free gifts and refill of energy should be much faster for higher levels...

  5. When we have full/partial energy and play 1 or 2 scenes and then level up (get 120 energy upon leveling up)... we lose the energy we had!! We should be able to keep the energy we are playing with and the energy we get from leveling up should be stored for our use!!! Please change this.

    1. Watching your XP/energy bars to take advantage of the level-up energy is an important skill in the game. Remember where XP come from and work to not waste free energy.

  6. I am a regular player of criminal case but i have observed most of the people are loosing interest in the game in due course of time..., they get bored with criminal case and they stop playing the game which is a very negative feedback for the Game .

    Requesting the Developers of the Game to look into the issue and to take neccessary steps to make it more attractive so that all facebook users will again start playing the Criminal Case Game to the Full Extent

  7. I would highly recommend removing all the spam links on your facebook app page. There's so many of them and I'm sure some of them must be dangerous. Seriously, more spam than a Monty Python sketch.

  8. There should be an easier and faster way to get stars nobody wants to play the same scene over and over that's boring!!!